At CoatR, our service is all about delivering tailor-made solutions that meet your needs. We understand that every project has its own challenges and requirements, which is why we strive to provide service tailored to your project.

This includes customized packaging instructions or direct delivery to the construction site. We are also happy to think along with you when it comes to shortened delivery times. We understand that projects often have tight deadlines and that there can be a lot of pressure to deliver on time. In such cases, as your reliable partner, we always work with you to find suitable solutions.

In addition, we understand better than anyone else the importance of the right color choice for a project, and we are happy to offer support to our clients and architects to facilitate this decision. With our extensive knowledge and network, we can advise on color schemes and trends that match the desired appearance. In addition, the properties of our powder coatings, such as anti-graffiti and Super Durable coatings, play a role in achieving long-lasting color and gloss retention. We are committed to working together to find the optimal color and coatings solution so that every project is a success we can be proud of. Our team is always ready to work with you and discuss your specific requirements. Whether it's special packaging instructions, strict deadlines or other custom requests, we are here to meet and exceed your expectations.

Last but not least, CoatR organizes an annual relationship afternoon. We then open our doors to all business relations to take a look behind the scenes and to share knowledge and further safeguard quality in the chain. Visit Relationship Afternoon (=link to “relationship afternoon” menu) for more information.

Relationship afternoon