Relationship afternoon

Every year, CoatR organizes a relationship afternoon to proactively share our knowledge and thus further safeguard quality in the chain!

Save the date: Thursday November 9
CoatR relationship afternoon “ Quality, we determine that together

Here is a date to put in your diary, because the open house at CoatR is on Thursday, November 9! We then open the doors for all our business relations to take a look behind the scenes. The theme of the afternoon is “ Quality, we determine that together ”. In addition to a tour, there will be various speakers who will talk about the theme. The goal is to share knowledge to further safeguard and improve quality in the chain!

We end the day with a snack and drink, also for relations who have to drive a little further!

More information will follow later, but put it in your agenda:

CoatR Relationship afternoon “quality, we determine that together”
Date: Thursday November 9
Time: from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM