Quality - Certified excellence at CoatR!

At CoatR, quality is central. As a leading powder coater, we work under the Qualicoat Seaside quality label, which underlines our determination and commitment to meeting the highest standards. Qualicoat


Qualicoat is a leading international quality label known for its excellence in powder coating for architectural purposes. The label is awarded to powder coating companies that meet the strictest standards in terms of quality, durability and aesthetics. The Qualicoat label confirms these companies' commitment to superior finishes and high-quality results. By working under the respected Qualicoat label, customers can be confident that they are working with an expert and reliable partner who meets the highest international standards. Whether it concerns architectural projects, industrial applications or consumer products, Qualicoat guarantees excellence and quality in powder coating. More information and specifications of Qualicoat: www.qualicoat.net

A key to our excellent quality lies in training our employees and sharing knowledge. We attach great importance to enriching the skills of our team, so that every employee has the expertise to work with attention and craftsmanship. By continuously sharing and increasing knowledge, quality is supported across the entire breadth of our team and we jointly achieve the best results.

When you choose CoatR, you choose certified excellence and a team of passionate professionals who will handle your project with the utmost care. We strive for nothing less than perfection and are determined to give you a result you will be proud of.