The history of CoatR

CoatR's history is steeped in rich experience and growing expertise in the powder coating industry. In January 2022, CoatR was acquired from IJdema, a well-known name in the market. With this, CoatR brought the experienced team and valuable knowledge of IJdema within its ranks.

The following year, in January 2023, another important development took place when CoatR also acquired the Surface and Metal Protection Schoen BV company from Zaandam and merged both companies under the name CoatR. The production location in Heerhugowaard served as the central location where the teams, products and knowledge of both powder coating companies were combined.

Schoen BV was known as a reliable business partner, who delivered quality and proactively shared knowledge with its customers. With a team that consisted of both youthful enthusiasm and years of coating experience, Schoen BV managed to achieve significant growth through its strong focus on people-oriented in collaboration with customers and employees.

The merger with CoatR meant a next step in its development for Schoen BV. The shared vision of the future and the family business mentality were important points of contact between CoatR and Schoen BV. This ensured more than 100 years of combined knowledge and experience.

In addition to the location in Heerhugowaard, CoatR has a second production location in Belgium, Compri Coating Service in Turnhout. This synergy between the two locations will result in significantly expanded production capabilities with no fewer than 4 horizontal painting lines and a total capacity of more than half a million square meters per year. Both locations are proud of their Qualicoat Seaside quality label and have a strong focus on research and new developments in production processes and applications.

After the merger, customers of both Schoen BV and CoatR can count on the trusted quality, but now also on even more convenience and service in the provision of services. The merger of these two leading companies represents a promising future for CoatR, with their combined expertise and capabilities delivering an even better experience to their valued customers.