Sustainability is central to CoatR's DNA, and we are committed to maximizing our impact on it
environment as small as possible. Powder coating is in itself a sustainable process and forms the
based on our commitment to environmentally conscious practices. Here are some reasons why powder coating
is sustainable:

Environmentally friendly production process:
Powder coating does not use harmful solvents like traditional ones
wet painting processes. Instead, powder coating is applied as a dry powder, which
results in minimal paint waste. This means there is no danger of harmful fumes and fumes
air quality is maintained.

Minimum waste production:
During the powder coating process, any surplus powder usually remains reusable.
This significantly reduces waste compared to other coating systems, which contributes to...
sustainable production.

Long lasting protection:
Powder coatings provide excellent protection against weather influences, corrosion and wear.
This allows us to extend the lifespan of the materials we process. This is especially important with
applications in outdoor environments where exposure to elements can be a challenge.
In addition to the sustainable aspect of powder coating, we have taken even more steps at CoatR
to reduce our ecological footprint:

Transport reduction:
Because we now have two production locations, in Heerhugowaard and Turnhout, we can:
minimize transport movements between both locations. This leads to a reduction in
CO2 emissions and contributes to a more sustainable business model.

Focus on sustainable materials:
We work with our suppliers to use sustainable materials
possible. This includes not only the powder coatings themselves, but also other required raw materials and
packaging materials.

Research into environmentally friendly options:
As a forward-thinking company, we strive to continually innovate and create new ones
explore environmentally friendly solutions. We invest in sustainable research
alternatives and more efficient production methods.

At CoatR we are proud that we not only supply high-quality powder coatings and the
extend the lifespan of materials, but also actively contribute to a more sustainable future
our industry and society as a whole. We remain committed to our impact on the environment
minimize and strive to continuously improve our sustainable practices.

Download our environmental policy statement here .